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Welcome to Puketotara Farm

Puketotara Farm is a beef farm which we – Chris & Karyn Coxhead – have run for 24 years. As well as growing Friesian bulls, we also run a commercial calf rearing business. We mainly rear Friesian bulls calves, although we have, and will if ordered, rear heifers, jerseys, Hereford etc. The majority of these calves are sold at 100kg, while some we rear to, and sell as yearlings. We also purchase yearling jersey bulls, and rear these through to two year olds, which are then sold for use as service bulls. Alongside the cattle side of the farm, we also grow and sell grass silage, and maize silage.

Chris & Karyn Coxhead
89 Coxhead Road
RD 6
Thames 3576
07 867 3062
027 488 6678


Calves for Sale

We regularly have calves for sale. All calves are sold at at least 100kg.. We sell each week. . Any enquiries welcome.


Karyns phone photos 24 7 14 097

Friesian Bulls

We annually have up to 500 yearling Friesian bulls for sale.  Ready at various times of the year. 

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Jersey Bulls

Jersey Bulls for sale – 1 and 2 year olds, non-recorded. Well grown. All TB and BVD tested and free.  Dehorned.  Can vaccinate as required. Will sell or lease for use as service bulls.

We are also wanting to buy  jersey bulls, any age. These don't need to be recorded.


Maize Silage

We grow 50 hectares of maize silage annually. The majority of this is sold on contract. This tends to be booked up quickly. If you would like to order yours, it pays to organize well in advance. Ready to pick in March.